VRGN – Offering Wholesome Juice Subscriptions | Bandra Buzz

VRGN – Offering Wholesome Juice Subscriptions | Bandra Buzz

Be it the scorching heat or a cold breeze, the human body must brave it out. 60% of our body is water/fluid content, and it is imperative to hydrate as much as possible. An easy source of daily nutrients are cold-pressed juices. They replenish and refresh the human body. VRGN caters to this essential requirement by serving cold-pressed & bespoke concoctions, gourmet cocktail mixers (non-alcoholic) and juices made fresh every day. The juices contain 100% real fruit juice – no preservatives and no added sugar.

Aware of the importance of staying hydrated no matter the climatic conditions, the online brand delivers their unique blends to your doorstep, anywhere in Mumbai, and even has a subscription model. With offerings that range from the most basic such as a Beetroot juice, which is recommended to control blood pressure and helps nourish one’s skin; to assorted combinations such as Spinach & Cucumber Juice or a Kale, Parsley & Apple Juice.

The subscription module covers a period of either a month, fifteen days or a week and includes more than 16 juices at an affordable price range that starts from Rs. 800 for a week.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” True to that spirit, VRGN even creates unique gourmet cocktail mixers (non-alcoholic) for your house parties. With offerings such as VRGN Apple Jack (made with red & green apples, cinnamon and tonic water, it is best served chilled with whiskey!). Other mixers include the VRGN Mule, VRGN Cosmo, VRGN Mary, VRGN Mojito & VRGN Sunrise.

VRGN indeed makes it a reality to indulge in fresh, cold-pressed, gourmet cocktail mixers (non-alcoholic) and juices every day without the hassles of sourcing quality raw ingredients. Delivered right to your doorstep fresh every day, their services truly provide a genuinely unparalleled experience.

Link - https://www.bandrabuzz.com/vrgn-offering-wholesome-juice-subscriptions/

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